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Naach started out as an idea during a casual conversation and from thereon has grown into a dream, a vision, a concept,a business plan, and finally, reality. NAACH came into existence in April 2010.
WE HAVE A MISSION ! To enable anyone and everyone to be part of the NAACH GENERATION, spread their wings, and fly. That is what dance means to us, the freedom to fly into different worlds of emotions.
You may have heard of the saying, “Dance to your heart’s content”. It is true, dancing is about skill and talent, but more importantly, it is about your heart and eventually, it is about expressing and emoting.
This is what we strive for at Naach. A place where you can learn about a dance form ‘Yes’, but more importantly, ”experience the emotion and mood that makes the dance form so unique and magical” !
We want you to feel that rush of emotion that governs your heart, and to be able to translate it into movement in space. We want you to be able to relate to dance in a way that only you can feel what you dance…….and dance what you feel!! That is our vision.
And once we see that in YOU we have achieved the world !