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Salsa is a couple dance style originated from Cuba.

As one of the most popular dance styles around the globe, Salsa is not only a beautiful style with loads of technical moves, but also a great platform to make plenty of friends! You will know why we say this once you join it!

The history of Salsa is diverse and very long, so we leave this bit of information for Wikipedia.
However, we must warn you that people, who are introduced to Salsa, often catch the ‘Salsa-bug’ just after few lessons. They not only become enthusiastic to learn the variety this style has to offer, but also get addicted to the music, moves and charm of this beautiful Latin dance form.

Join a Salsa class today itself to experience a different world  of dancing!

As we offer 7 Levels of Salsa at Naach, please refer to the guide below for details on our Salsa training program:

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