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a) I have never danced in my life before. And I have two left feet. Which dance style would you suggest me to learn first ?
b ) Do I need to get a partner to learn the Latin American dance styles ?
c) I am over-weight, can I dance ?
d) What if I miss any class due to travel or any other reason. Will I get an extra class ?
e ) I am 35+ !! How can I dance ?
f) How long will I take to learn a particular dance ?
g) What kind of footwear do I need to carry ?
h) Do I need to carry anything for the dance classes ?
i) I have learnt the beginners level (e.g. Salsa ) can I join the intermediate and / or advance level ?
j) What is the age group and batch size of people attending classes ?
k) How many days prior do I have to enroll myself ? Can I enroll myself the day the class starts ?
l) What is the difference between private lessons and attending batches ?
m) Do you also help in choreographing for events etc ?